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Dunedin Decking Company, prides itself on its professionalism and reliability with many of years  of hands on experience of building and designing spectacular outdoor living areas throughout Dunedin, FL. From the very first quotation, We offer complete attention to detail through to the final completed project. At Dunedin Deck Building Company we believe  our clients come first, making sure all demands are met to the highest standard possible and Constructed to the highest possible level of quality.

As the leading Decking Dunedin building company, we only use the best construction materials. Specializing in select grade decking. We use only the best lumber because we can guarantee when using this wood you won’t have any issues with warping, cracking or splitting of decking boards. We have been building with this hardwood decking for many years and highly recommend using this timber. Make a scheduled appointment today and we’ll provide you with the ideal timber decking solution to suit your home, lifestyle and budget… that is constructed to last by Dunedin Deck Contractors.

Our Process​

1 – Consultation
​First things first, we need to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Either over the phone, or in person at the project site, we do our best to find out your needs and wants and offer ideas and solutions. We’re happy to share ballpark prices at any time, as well as photos of our projects and samples/literature of the products we use.

2 – Design and Material Selection
​In order to provide a firm price for the project, we need to put together a design and/or specify what will be constructed. ProDeck can help you visualize your new deck with a 3D design.

3 – Bid and Agreement
Dunedin Deck Builders will provide a firm price to complete the project. This is not a budget—we will stick to our price no matter what.

4 – Schedule and Construction

​The “queue” concept is Dunedin Deck Contractors unique way of working in greater dedication to each customer. Rather than attempting to guarantee a specific start date, we instead put you in a line-up based on when you commit to us and we will not start your project until we complete the one we are currently working on. The benefit to this system is that once construction starts, we are dedicated to you and your project, and we do not move on until it is complete. We also work more efficiently because our efforts are focused solely on the project at hand.

​The payment schedule is determined by the size of the project, but generally will be split into 1-2 more payments, the final one always being after the work is complete and you are totally satisfied.

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